-What is your turn around time?

Our turn around is 10 business days from the time the final order is placed. Final order = Artwork is approved and ready, shirt order including sizes/colors/styles is placed, and a deposit of 50% is made.

-What is your maximum print size on t-shirts?

We can print up to 17×19″. There maybe an extra charge for larger format t-shirt prints. If you are interested in prints over 14×15″ please contact us for a quote.

-How many ink colors can you print on t-shirts?

6 spot colors.

-What is the largest poster you can print?

17×23″. If you have a larger project, depending on the artwork, larger formats may be achieved.

-What is the maximum amount of ink colors you can print on paper or posters?

It’s unlimited, but for each additional color there is an additional charge per print.

-How do you prefer to receive art file?

We love receiving “camera ready” artwork. The best way is by email. Photoshop documents, Abobe Illustrator files, PDF’s, Jpegs are all good formats.

-What is “camera ready” artwork?

Camera-ready is a somewhat archaic term that is applied to the color-separation process used by screen and offset-printers. Printers would use dark-room processes to expose the film they used to get the image on their screens or plates (in the case off-set printers). These days, color-separations are almost exclusively done on computers. The term color-separations refers to the process of making each color its own screen. The same way a color ink-jet printer uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to create photographic images, screen-printers need to make a screen for each color that is printed. Although camera-ready is an archaic term, it has stuck as a way to refer to artwork that is ready to be separated into colors.

-Do you all provide graphic design and color-separation services if I don’t have camera-ready artwork?

Yes, we can recreate a poor-quality images from pixelated images from the web, or small images from a business card. We can also create designs from scratch using both free-hand and computer graphics. If your image is high-quality (high-resolution, 150 dpi or higher) and all you need is separations, we can do that, too. Our design fees are $40 per hour. If art prep take less than 15 minutes, it will not  be billed.

-What are your screen-making charges?

$15 per screen.

-If I bring you shirts will you print on them?

Yes, if you are interested having us print on shirts you bring to our shop or drop ship to us, then contact us for a quote. And keep in mind if you order less than 24 pieces per design there is a $15 set up charge per screen (this is not a screen-making charge, but a charge for physically setting up the screens on the press).

-Do you offer Pantone color-matching?

Yes, there is $15 charge per pantone color mixed. This charge applies to any color-matching (ie if you bring a swatch and it has to be matched). In screen-printing pantone-matching is an imperfect science, and we reserve a reasonable variation from the pantone swatch. If you would like to see swatches of our matched color please specify. If 100% accurate color-matching is crucial, we recommend ordering a sample of the finished screen-printed product, which there is an additional charge of no less than $50.

-Are there other charges that I should be aware of?

We have a $10 charge for on-press-color-changes for each color changed. SO, if you are ordering 30 white shirts with black lettering and 30 black shirts with the same lettering in white, then there is 1 $10 color-change.

What questions do YOU have? We want our site to be extremely helpful to those who have questions about screen-printing. So, if there is something we’ve looked over, please leave your question, comment, or concern below. Thank you!


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