Poster Printing

We can actually do all kinds of paper printing. Including but not limited to:

Poster Printing – If you are promoting your band or an event, nothing compares to the simple elegance of hand-screen-printed posters.

• Wedding Invitations – We can print, cut, and fold your wedding invitations and help provide paper solutions including matching envelopes.

Fine-art Serigraphs – What’s a “serigraph?” A fancy art-world term for screen-print. Would you like to see your painting, drawing, photograph, or mixed media collage become a limited edition serigraph print? It would be our pleasure.

What is your project? We love to trouble-shoot new ideas. We can print on wood, glass, metal, ceramic tiles, canvas, and more. If you are thinking outside the t-shirt or off the page we would like to help you brainstorm and make your vision into a screen-printed reality.

You may be asking yourself, “Why get screen-printed paper when I can get full-color digital prints cheap?”

-Screen-printing has a presence on the page that simply cannot be achieved by digital-printing. For example, Light blue ink on indigo cardstock conveys a unique elegance that is impossible to replicate with common digital-printing methods.

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